How Essential is Monitoring a Bunch Phone Without Jailbreaking it in the Workplace to Reduce Theft?

The IT industry has sustained a great deal on the loss of funds due to theft inside the firm. This was demonstrated by a report done by insurer Hiscox. And the worth of theft? It has been found to reach an average number of $200,000. Because of this alone, the importance of monitoring a host phone without even jailbreaking it in the workplace is emphasized.

Many businesses now invest at a unique program like Highster Mobile that will help them track their employees during working hours. To use this program efficiently, companies prohibit personal mobiles at the workplace and provide companion phones in order to track their employees.

As a result with the apparatus, armed with a monitoring software that allows you to connect to a host mobile without any jailbreaking it, managers can test their workers and oversee them remotely. Doing this can boost productivity and efficiency in the firm. And, more importantly, secrets can be protected and theft within the company can be prevented.

Below are a few situations which show the benefits of using a cell phone tracking software on employees.

1. Phone thieving in Albuquerque. Two wal mart employees could steal a Samsung Galaxy phone and an iPhone using their cards. While companies put great effort in to observation clients, especially suspicious ones, it is in fact the employees which need to be monitored.

2. Par Pharmaceuticals secrets were all stolen. Two employees in Par Pharmaceuticals Inc. lacked company secrets, resigned, and started their own business to rival their own former companies. It was shown that a popular cardiopulmonary medication was discharged and produced to compete with that of Par Pharmaceuticals. What's even worse is that the 2 ex-employees convinced their prior co-workers to leave and join their own company alternatively.

3. Malawian Water Board theft. Employees at this water board used their position to conduct off with a large amount of money amounting to $1.7 million in tests. The tests were payable to them as financing to get the project, but they pocketed the amount of money rather than using it to your water board. As the activity was captured, the employees could run off and can't be tracked.

If the above mentioned businesses were able to put money into cell phone monitoring software, all these illegal activities has been prevented.

But companies now are more knowledgeable and more prepared for such circumstances. Hence, the use of apps such as Highster Mobile has increased and continue to do so.

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